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El Show de Don Cheto

Lunes-Viernes, 05:00AM-11:00AM

Don Cheto

Lunes-Viernes, 2p-8p

Don Cheto is a 65-year-old character with a great deal of life experience in both Mexico and the United States. With interesting anecdotes and jokes, his rural Michoacán language style keeps listeners tuned in as he delivers great entertainment with a wide variety of music.

He has been on Que Buena since 2005. Starting as a sidekick to an afternoon personality, he was given a chance to host his own midday show in 2006. Ratings skyrocketed and he was quickly moved to his own show in afternoon drive.
After his unprecedented success in both midday and afternoon drive, Don Cheto was given the coveted Que Buena morning show in 2007.
Don Cheto is also involved in the production of an animated 10 episode series on Nuevon/YouTube
Don Cheto continues to evolve and grow as an entertainment phenomenon . Highly successful on radio, TV, and made quite a name for himself on the Internet with his music videos “Ganga Style” and “La Crisis” to name a few. !

Don Cheto


Lugar De Nacimiento:
La Sauceda – Michoacan

Escuchar mi Música.

Deporte Favorito:
Ordeñar vacas y capar puercos.

Actor/actriz Preferido/a:
Mario y Fernando Almada

Pelicula Favorita:
El Pata de Palo

Mejor Libro:
Furia Musical

Perder mi Vozarron y que se me mueran mis animales.

Tu Frase Favorita:
Ktme, Estupi y “Hay que hablarlo por lo claro”.

Como Y Donde Te Ves En 5 Años:
En El Anfitriatro dando mi concierto.

Tu Lema:
No hay que negar la cruz de nuestra parroquia.